In the mid 1840s, the idea of Manifest Destiny was being spread around the United States. President James K. Polk desired the United States to stretch from one coast to the other. The problem with that was that Mexico owned the land that President Polk sought. So, how did the United States earn the land that would one day be broken into four states and parts of two others? Use the links on this page to find out how President Polk's dream of a country that streteched from the Atlantic to the Pacific became reality.

President James K. Polk

John C. Fremont
Mariano Vallejo
John Drake Sloat
Stephen Watts Kearney
Jose Antonio Carrillo
Andres Pico

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Bear Flag Revolt

"Choose ye this day what you will be! We are robbers, or we must be conquerors."

~William B. Ide, leader at Sonoma, the site of the Bear Flag Revolt

The Bear Flag

The Bear Flag Revolt

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The Mexican-American War

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Links that are a bit more technical, but with more information:

Interactive Timeline

A Continent Divided

Stephen Watts Kearny

The Battle of San Pascual

The Battle of Dominguez Rancho

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