On this page, you will find the links for each grade level. The links are designed to further the knowledge of curious minded Rapid Learner Engineers. They extend the ideas learned in class and provide thoughts that may assist the student engineers in accomplishing the challenge put forth to them in their STEM sessions. The links are sorted by grade level, some overlap, but feel free to investigate each grade's resources.

This video link is for everyone:

What is an engineer?

States of Matter

States of Matter Quiz

States of Matter-Video

States of Matter Slideshow

States of Matter Flash Cards

Introduction to Energy

What is Energy?-Types of Energy

Facts about Wind Energy

The Power of Wind Energy

Facts about Potential Energy

Facts about Kinetic Energy

Introduction to Potential and Kinetic Energy

Potential and Kinetic Energy Video Lesson

Friction-Good or Bad?

Energy Flashcards

Kinetic vs. Potential Energy

Our World: Potential and Kinetic Energy

Potential and Kinetic Enegy-Roller Coaster

Kinetic and Potential Energy-Singalong Video!

Forces-good overview

Force, Work and Energy

 Forces: Swings, Slides and Science

Work, Force and Energy-from Tutway

Laws of Motion-from Coolkids

Physics for Kids-Laws of Motion-from Ducksters

Newton's Three Laws of Motion-a bit technical in spots

Law of Conservation of Energy


Catapult Facts for Kids

Energy-This resource has everything you need to know!

Forms of Energy

Kids Energy Page

Energy-from Ducksters

Amazing Energy Facts

Kinetic energy-from Ducksters

Potential energy-from Ducksters

Energy Conversion

Collisions and Energy Transfer

Law of Conservation of Energy-video #1

Law of Conservation of Energy-video #2

Conservation of Energy-with a bowling ball!

Forces: Swings, Slides and Science

Newton's Laws of Motion

Laws of Motion-from Ducksters

What is Friction?

Factors Affecting Friction


What is Matter?

Many Links that Matter

The Five States of Matter

The Five States of Matter-video

Kinetic and Potential Energy

Kinetic and Potential Energy Defined

Chemical Changes to Matter

Chemical and Physical Changes to Matter

Physical and Chemical Changes to Matter

Newton's Laws of Motion Explained

Real Life Examples of Newton's Laws of Motion

What is Air Resistance?

Danger: Falling Objects!

Air Resistance and How to Reduce It

The Nose Cone

Rocket Bodies and Nose Cones


How Does a Rocket Fly?

Real World Examples of Net

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