Cross cutting concepts are the language of scientists. They allow scientists and engineers to discuss science no matter the field of science. Vulcanologists can discuss science with chemists and with botanists because they can speak to each other using crosscutting concepts. When children scientists develop the ideas behind the crosscutting concepts, they develop a richer understanding of how science works. Crosscutting concepts don't have to be used only in science. Look around and you will see that these ideas surround us in our daily lives. By mastering crosscutting concepts as a way of examining the world, students will find that science connects to everything around them. That is part of the joy of learning science as an interdisciplinary topic.

The following mini-posters are what are being presented to the students in their STEM class this fall.
These posters are digital copies of what they are seeing in their classrooms.

No one class will be given all seven crosscutting concepts in the fall. It takes time to develop them well.

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