The Rapid Learner students of Del Paso Manor will be working on the next session of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Enrichment in the area of Earth Science. Each class will be working on a problem solving experience based on the Next Generation Science Standards. The challenges range from saving a mountain from eroding away and allowing a developer to create a town, saving a city from a levee breach, protecting a community should a tsunami strike, and figuring out how to purify contaminated water so that all the citizens of the world will have clean drinking water.

This page indexes each grade level, and visitors can explore each grade's investigation. The grade level pages have information to explain the challenge and links for the students to use in solving their challenge. This site shows all the standards that are being covered as well as the cross cutting concepts that will bind the learning together.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the STEM enrichment website. Get creative in your thinking, Innovators!

Grade 2: Save This Mountain!
Grade 3: Save Our City!
Grade 4: Save The Community!
Grade 5: Clean Water Saves Lives
Links for all the investigations
The Crosscutting Concepts
The Standards for Each Investigation
The Engineering Design Process
The Photo Gallery-Coming Soon!
As the Innovators work, photos will be collected and shared through this link.

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