On this page, you will find the links for each grade level. The links are designed to further the knowledge of curious minded Rapid Learner Engineers. They extend the ideas learned in class and provide thoughts that may assist the student engineers in accomplishing the challenge put forth to them in their STEM sessions. The links are sorted by grade level, and some overlap, so feel free to investigate each grade's resources.

Let's all start here:

What is an engineer?

California Watersheds

What is a watershed?-VIDEO

The Geology of Mountains

Where do mountains come from?-VIDEO

What is a landslide?-VIDEO

Landslide questions and answers

Landslide-The Dr. Binocs Show-VIDEO

Landslide-National Geographic-VIDEO with powerful footage

Earth science for kids-Erosion

Weathering and erosion-VIDEO

Wind and water erosion-VIDEO

Weathering, erosion and deposition-VIDEO

Erosion Facts for Kids-Different types of erosion

Interesting erosion facts from CoolKidsFacts-great photos

Erosion quiz from Ducksters

Weathering and erosion quiz for second graders

Weathering and erosion quiz-what do you know about those phenomena?


Levees from Academic Kids

Levees from National Geographic

How Stuff Works-What is a levee?

How levees work-VIDEO

How levees work and can fail-VIDEO

Levee construction in Sacramento-VIDEO

Levee failure in the Sacramento area-VIDEO

Davenport levee breach: The levee has failed-

The impact of people on levees in Sacramento-VIDEO

Levees can't solve all the flooding problems-The flood of 1862 in Sacramento-


Tsunami questions

Tsunami-from Ducksters

The tsunami story-a bit technical

How tsunamis work from TED-ED-VIDEO

Tsunami Facts: Check out the mighty wave!

Japan tsunami from National Geographic-VIDEO

What is a Tsunami? From Nasa with animations and video

Earthquakes from Ducksters

How much energy is in an earthquake?

A major earthquake strikes Philippines-VIDEO

How do tsunamis relate to earthquakes?-VIDEO

Earthquake facts for kids, includes tsunami information

Earthquakes and tsunamis for kids-An introduction-VIDEO

Earthquakes for kids from the USGS-this site has everything

Tsunami safety

How to survive a tsunami

Tsunami resistant buildings

This house is built to resist the force of a tsunami

Japan earthquake: Can you tsunami-proof a country?

Water pollution facts for kids

The Environment: Water Pollution

Water Pollution- Types and effects

Five informative facts about water pollution for kids

Let's  make a change: Water Pollution!-From NatGeo Kids

Water Pollution for Kids | Learn How to Keep Our Water Clean-VIDEO

Water treatment facts for kids

Water purification facts for kids-VIDEO

Water and You: The water treatment processVIDEO

The health impacts of drinking contaminated water

The top 8 signs that you're drinking contaminated water

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