As the fall colors made their appearance this year, the fourth graders embarked on a writing assignment that emphasized description. We began the writing process by describing an assortment of fall leaves that were put on the students’ tables. We then took a trip outside and spent time using our senses to write descriptions of what we saw, heard, felt, and smelled as we walked the Del Paso Manor campus. The goal was to write as descriptively as possible. We then looked at a photo taken in the fall and began to write about an action that we might take in the picture. We may have gone for a walk, a hike, a jog, a ride on a bike or a drive on cool, crisp fall day. The students suggested a basic sentence, and then we attacked it like surgeons. What started as a seven word sentence that basically stated that we were on a walk became a piece of art! The sentence grew and was adorned with many phrases that made that single, basic sentence an entry way into inspiring writing. The next step for the students was to take one of their sentences that they wrote as we walked the campus and turn it into a work of art. They were then shown a sample of what to do and how to work the sense descriptions into a coherent piece of writing and the time had come . . .

The students were ready. They were given a choice of nine photos to put themselves into. They were to write as if they were in the scene and tell what they experienced. The writing had to describe the scene using all the senses, aside from taste, and utilize similes to enhance the imagery.

The students took on the project with enthusiasm and the final products were so incredible that they had to be shared. Thus, this website was born. Follow the links below to read the work that each fourth grader created. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them. 

Elanor Joey Carrie Etai Eli
Jinjoo Nari Amy Sofia Alejandro
Amiyah Faisal Cassius Ravyn Nassali
Aleeza Westyn Makhai Emily Sean

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