Nature’s Endless Song

I was climbing up a hill when a scene of nature’s untamed beauty took my breath away.  A mystical fog like unspun cotton covered the valley below me. A solitary tree on the top of the hill had leaves that looked like flames across the faint blue sky. A sweet aria of birdsong provided the perfect music for this truly magical scene. The air smelled sweet, like freshly cut lawn on a cool spring day. I was looking for a quiet place to read, away from the campsite where my family was staying. But instead, I had found a treasure. Trees below me in all different colors were just begging to be painted. I felt as if I needed to capture the untouched beauty of this scene. I strained my ears and heard rushing water as if it was in the distance, calling me to come find it. The hills seemed to stretch to infinity, like nature’s endless song. I sat at the base of a tree with leaves like flames and rested my hands on the book I had brought. This scene seemed like something one would find in a fairy tale, but, as enchanting as it was, it was real. The mosaic of colors made me realize that the beauty of nature is rivaled by none. The smell of damp leaves mingled with a smell I knew but couldn't place, like a memory just out of reach. I ran my finger across the rough bark of the tree, and imagined what it would be like to live up here on one of these hills. What it would be like to wake up and see what I see before me now every day. I sighed happily. At least I knew where I would come when I wanted some peace.