As my friend and I are walking we saw a hill with a beautiful tree. As we watched the fog descend down on trees like an airplane coming down from it’s flight, dewdrops on the leaves drip like snow falling gently down Mount Everest. The smell of roses and a faint smell of chocolate are pleasing as my friend and I watch the blue sky fade slowly into a sherbert color. The birds are chirping almost as if in song.                                         

    Trees down below, some amber, some green like grass on a cool spring day. Others are as red and orange as a sunrise in summer. A mountain in the distance possibly an illusion, the mountain peeking over clouds. Tree bark as hard as stone other parts as soft as birch. Wind flowing through the air like winter snowflakes dropping on bare skin. Magnificent sights lay before us and if one looks, it is everywhere.
             - Amiyah