As I was exploring the forest an a warm, sunny morning, I  felt the warm sun's rays shining brightly on my skin. I heard the squirrels scurrying across the branches of trees. They sounded as quiet as the rain pattering on the roof. The smell of morning dew dropped leaves  lured me to wander off the trail. I smelled the fresh scent of  morning leaves that left their trees behind  like snow falling from the sky on a cold winter's day. The forest invited me to listen to the birds chirping sweetly like little Christmas bells ringing throughout the forest. I felt the cool air blowing through the trees as I stood in the forest, shivering, struck with amazement at what I saw. I saw speckled trees of the calming scene in fall colors. The trees stood as tall and bold as flagpoles, even though most of their leaves had fallen off. Many vivid colors, bright on the trees looked as lively as scarlet flames leaping out of a fire. The leaves, a brilliant shade of yellow, were as shiny as freshly polished metal. I felt as if I were walking through a king’s palace, warm and welcoming. Dew dropped leaves covered the ground like scattered pine needles in a foliage-covered dirt hill. The landscape was so pretty as if it was still springtime. As I walked through, I was caught breathless by what I saw: red, orange, and scarlet-flaxen trees, a stunning lake in the place that I was walking in, blue and beautiful, shining in the sun, magenta and pale green brush covering the ground. Life is sweet but surprising in the forest, I thought, as I walked back to my home.