As I peered around a bend in the path, I gasped at the breathtaking scene. I stepped into a clearing. The air was laced with a chill breeze, like ice cream laced with chocolate. The calm lake ahead of me shone with firey tree tops like the northern lights. I slipped off my shoes. The soft sand felt cushiony like a pillow. The water of the lake was cold. A fish splashed through the uniquely fiery lake. 
    A squirrel raced through a flaxen tree above my head. I sat among the maroon bushes. The leaves were smooth and soaked with water.I felt the peace of nature envelop me. The air smelled like tree bark, and the trees trunks were white and brown. I peered back at the red, honey, flaxen, and maroon tree tops. A vibrant red leaf swirled on a gust of wind. I picked it up. It was heart shaped. The beautiful crimson leaf had hints of pink and brown. A yellow leaf drifted past me and landed at the base of an evergreen tree. I heard the soft rustle of wind in the evergreens as all the rustling trees reached for the autumn sky.
    Some trees hu
ng on to their summer colors. Hints of green floated among the multi-colored leaves. Tall evergreen trees parted their dark green branches to let a bird through. The goose drifted over the lake as the shadows grew longer. The lake was streaked with peach from the setting sun. I got up and quietly left the clearing.

- Carrie