As I sauntered from a beautiful hike on a cliff to my bike I couldn’t help but to notice Mother Nature’s exquisite job on the landscape. I see a colorful rainbow right above the  waterfall that is as skinny as a road. As I turned around I heard the foliage rustle behind me but it is drowned out by the thundering waterfall. The mist coming off of the waterfall is perfect because it cools me off from my hike. As I draw nearer to the waterfall the earthy smell of moss makes me feel like I am inside a plant. When I turned around I felt the coarseness of a oak tree. Than I suddenly drifted away because of the smell of sweet sap coming from a maple tree. The smell of maple tree sap is as sweet as the aroma of honeysuckle. When I am out on a hike in a lake or in a thicket I get the feeling of peace or serenity while I am out alone away from all distractions. Walking through the woods is as peaceful as a swan glissading through the lagoon. I finally get to my bike after all the
alone time of peace and quiet and I go home after a good days hike.