Fall Writing

   I was hiking in the mountains, and when I came over one of  the rocks the scene before me made me stop and stare. There  was a tree filled with orange leaves that stood out across the  morning sky. The leaves smelled like dew, refreshing the morning sent. When looking down on the valley, the trees are a  beautiful rainbow of colors. Colors like golden yellow or pine  green. I hear squirrels gathering nuts for winter. One even ran  by my feet like a car driving on the country road. The fog below me looked like it was dancing across the sky. The fallen  leaves of fall crinkle under my feet. I can feel the moist grass  on my feet like sponges soaking my feet. There are red trees,  and the leaves look like lava dripping down a volcano. This is  the most beautiful scene I have ever seen. I can not wait to go  on this hike again.

By Edan