As I was walking home from a picnic in the woods I stumbled upon an alluring landscape of luminous color. The trees were enchanting ,I felt as if I was walking through an oasis.The yellows looked sour as if they were lemons ,the oranges were like ripe pumpkins in fall .The foliage on the ground reminded me of the cranberry sauce on  thanksgiving . The coral colored trees blocked the bright sun from shining bright but the light was scarlet and gave a good effect on the beautiful landscape of glory. Making the tree trunks look like cinnamon sticks.I felt the gentle and warm autumn breeze  it seemed  as if it was peacefully blowing me ,as light as a feather away to my home.i could smell the aroma of my mom’s apple pie inviting me home. Elanor!, i heard my mom calling it was time to go home. I was sorrowful to leave this forest of everlasting charm.