I was canoeing to my father’s house as I came to a blind turn and my curiosity grasped me like a hand was taking me in. Around the corner turned out to be a chain of colorful trees clustered together like bees in a hive. The captivating trees glistinged in the sunlight with speckles of amber, crimson, hazel, peach, emerald on the beautiful trees. The tree’s reflections in the cool, crisp, blue water were as visible as they would be in a mirror. The air smelled like freshly chopped pine wood as the birds chirped in the big, white, fluffy clouds high in the sky. There is cool wind blowing as smoothly as sand runnin down a majestic, enchanted mountain as I touched the chilled, ruffled water. It scanned my skin as light as a feather. A maroon ladybug with pure black spots landed on my finger with its legs tickling my finger ever so lightly. I was sad that I had to leave the kingly site, but I had to go to my father’s house. After I left the captivating scene, I wondered what other adventures awaited me.