I canoed in the lake near my home as I admired the captivating scene before my eyes. A delightful fall morning had awoken, the sun came up and reflected on to the chilly water. As the fire like leaves fall onto the grass.  I canoe in the lake, and smelled the scent of fresh baked cookies as if I was invited to Candyland. Trees are  losing leaves, but for others, they are trying to hold on to them until spring comes. The hills gaze upon me as I see people enjoying the fluffy snow of the mountains. Fish come and go, like they are running or hiding from predators. The mountains were so high it was like it lead to the heavens. As a breeze comes by, the trees and  bushes rustle as if to play a song for mother nature. I realize the sun is setting, the mountains look like they have been painted with orange. I go home feeling elated for the next day


The picture I wrote about.