Fall Writing

As I gaze out in the distance at the gorgeous view, I feel the wonders of fall arriving. I am ready for the arrival of fall. I can see birds flying joyfully overhead against the deep blue sky. I can see trees that are varying shades of flaming red, dark green, and sunshine yellow. As I look in the distance I can see a blue mountain as it reaches up into the sky like a skyscraper. When I look at the ground, I see fresh dew on the grass. I  see a thick coat of fog stretching over a river like a quilt. I can smell sweetness from the honeysuckle and from the nectar. As I look down at the trees, I smell the fresh scent of pine cones that dropped from the evergreens. The scent of the pine cones is refreshing. I close my eyes, and I hear the wind blowing as I listen for the sounds of fall. I hear the birds chirping in the sky like a flute playing a song. I can hear bees buzzing around me like they are talking to me. I feel  a pleasant breeze tickling my skin. The texture of the bark on the tree next to me feels like a rough stone brushing against my hand. I can feel the colorful leaves rustling under my feet. The nature around me reminds me of a hot day when I was in a nice, cold river. I think this is the most perfect day of my life. I am breathless from everything I see, smell, hear, and feel.