Nature’s Golden Palace

I started down the winding path, and as I smelled the fresh air , I felt as if  I could fly like an eagle. I then reached a mysterious mist filled clearing. I walked through the clearing not knowing what was next.  I then caught sight of a dappled forest. I was caught breathless by the versicolored  foliage around me. I kept walking and shuffled my feet as I went, and I listened to the rustling of t
he leaves mixed with the melodic  sounds of the birds surrounding me, it was stunning! When smelling the crisp air along with this stunning scene it was bringing back memories of  fun times with my family. Those times were special and this sight helped me truly realize that. This moment was as if  I was walking through a king’s golden palace. As I walked I laid my hand on the corrugated bark of the oak trees beside me, they stand as straight and tall as soldiers. I stood still watching the mist form into shapes as mysterious as the mist  itself. This sight once again took my breath away. When I looked up I spotted a marvelous mountaintop beside the valley. I saw the mountaintops that looked exactly as I pictured them but yet so different. But in this moment I felt as if my dreams and nature were reaching out to me. I couldn’t even fathom the beauty that was standing before me. As if a path was laying out in front of me I followed the direction the leaves were blowing and new things I had never seen before caught my eye. It seemed like one tree was protecting another and some were crossing each other in x shapes as if marking a treasure hiding beneath their roots.  As I started my walk back up to the one strong standing oak tree on the hill  I had  flashbacks of my adventure. This day was a once in a lifetime experience I would never forget!

~ Nassali