As I turned the corner I saw a beautiful sight that I could not take my eyes off of. I saw a beautiful bunch of trees, the trees were all different colors, red as a  apple, yellow as a golden palace, green as a vine, orange as a pumpkin. I looked up and saw a wonderful mountain side. I turned my boat to the left of me and saw my grandma’s house. As I got closer to the house I smelt the chocolate chip cookies grandma was making for me. I got out of my boat with a bundle of dahlia for my grandma, a watch for grandpa, and a bone for the dog.  The flowers smelled and looked so nice I wanted to keep them for myself. I knocked on the door and grandpa opened. I was so happy to see him I gave him a big hug and his watch. He was so happy that I thought of him for Valentines Day. I went inside and gave grandma a big hug and her flowers. As I did I smelt grandma's cherry blossom perfume. I went outside to give the dog his bone and to pet him. The dog was sitting under a maple tree. The tree smelt like hot maple syrup. I pet the dog he felt as fluffy as a cloud and as playful as a kitten. I looked over the fence, the view was like on top of a mountain, It was like looking over the world.  I saw mountains, houses, and roads galore. There was a slight brees that felt like a fan on low. I got down the fence and heard the rustling of many leaves.  I hopped down the fence and went inside. The smell of fresh baked cookies was like walking into a bakery. I talked to my grandma and grandpa for a while. I ate my cookies and left. I got into my boat and rowed away. As I row away I dipped my hand into the water. As I did I felt a fish. Its scales felt like rubbing tree bark in fall. The water was as cold as a ice cube, it was lightly pushing my hand back as  row. I stopped my boat to look at the view again, I noticed my reflection in the water and my hair being blown in the wind. I felt a light brees on my face. I hear the paddling of other boats as they explore the river. I hear the chirping of the birds and coming from migration. I hear the good byes of my grandparents. Then I continue paddling my boat away, hoping I will come again soon.