As I rest against a soft, moss covered tree, the dark maroon leaves above act like a canopy, making me feel safe from all danger, a light breeze hits my face and I close my eyes...but suddenly I hear a noise from a bush. My eyes snap open. I get up and walk silently toward the bright green bush, listening closely. Suddenly two small fox cubs tumble out, play fighting! I stumble back in surprise but regain myself against a tree with bright and fiery leaves above. Then I smile and sit down, I had always loved nature so this was a very unique moment to me, so I started to watch the jubilant little foxes. Watching them makes my heart warm and happy! Their fur looks soft like a pillow, but sleek as a snake. As they tumble around I can hear the flaxen,brown, and orange leaves crackle under their paws, while I enjoy the shade of the tree. We are so different, yet so alike. Like how I relax and they play, but we both love nature. As I sit and watch them play forestry scents like flowers, leaves, and tree bark combine to make a sweet scent. The colors around me are beautiful and bright!  The evergreens around me make me think of Christmas, and the mirthful smiles of my family as we unwrap presents. After a long while a larger auburn fox pokes her head out from the hole in the bush and whimpers softly to her cubs as a sign to come back to the den. I gaze at the two cubs as they run back into their den. As I start to head home the fox’s playful yelping still ring in my ears, accompanied by the bird’s songs and rustling leaves. It sounds like a song. Nature’s song. I would always remember this of the best days of my life.