I was taking a stroll up a hill on a cool morning when I found a beautiful scene in front of me. The birds are chirping as I lean against a tree to take the view in. There are many colors that I see. The leaves that I stand on look like a sunset on the ground, and the trees are varying shades of neon yellow, pine green, and carrot orange. The fog is like a blanket stretching on and on over the mountains. I listen as a breeze flies through the leaves. I shiver as it blows across my skin, but the sun warms me up.  The mountains in the distance are  as blue as a blueberries. The tree against my back smells sweet like morning dew and it is rough against my skin, but I would still love to climb it. The sound of  my feet plowing through the leaves sounds like waves crashing against a sandy beach. As I breathe in, I smell pine from the evergreens. The air is fresh as if it had just rained the day before, but when I look up the sky it is clear except  for a couple clouds in the distance. I know fall is here and the only green I see is  from the evergreens on another mountain. All of the things I smell, hear, feel, and see make a beautiful scene before me and as I walk back to my family’s cabin I feel more relaxed like fall has come upon me.                                                       

Picture 8