As I  sauntered, admiring the ravishing nature I felt happiness inside while touching the trees with the tips of my finger. When I venture I listen to  the interesting sound of leaves rustling under my feet while I smell the amazing flowers that smell like a glass of orange juice on a day like christmas. The woodpeckers noise combined with the chirping of the birds sounded like an orchestra. With all of the beautiful colors and the smell it’s amazing. When deer eat their grass it like scuffing through the snow. While I ventured through the forest that looked like a beautiful piece of artwork rising before me. While I was treecking through the forest I am whacking the leaves. As I ventured I saw amazing views and sights while I was dodging the leaves blowing at me. The sights and views were amazing,even the lake reflecting like a mirror on a wall. I felt as if I was floating on the ground that looks like it is covered in leaves. The ground looked like a rainbow after rain with all of the leaves on the ground as far as I could see and beyond. The ravishing forest had a lot of different colors like red, blue, green, and yellow. This adventure feels like exploring the beautiful Amazon jungle or kayaking down the American River.