Many American miners did not treat minorities fairly and abused them. There were nations from all over the world in the California Gold Rush. One of the minorities was Latin Americans. They were not white and did not speak English. Another of the minorities was Chinese. The Chinese were beaten, robbed, their businesses were destroyed, and the Chinese were not allowed to mine at places where whites wanted to mine or places proven to be rich. Chilenos, people from South America and Mexico, were beaten, robbed, and had to pay high taxes. Native Americans were not treated fairly by whites either. We think so because their homes were not in urban areas. Their homes were in the wildlife and miners were careless to wildlife. But apparently the miners got their gold in the the wild.  Native American’s streams were polluted, the wildlife scared away, and their beautiful landscapes destroyed. Even though they were here before Americans, they were still treated unfairly.  White miners were very cruel to non-white and non-English speaking miners.