There were many ways miners could make or lose money in the Gold Rush.  Prices skyrocketed in the Gold Rush.  This is
 because it takes lots of time to ship goods to stores. Goods were rare, so businessmen raised prices. Gold miners lost money
 by gambling unsuccessfully, using money on important, or unimportant supplies, things they don’t need, and buying
 expensive things. Miners got money by finding and starting successful businesses.

Prices in an average 1848 mining camp

1 dozen eggs: $ 3.00

1 pound of coffee: $40.00

One pair of boots: $100.00

One piece of candy: $0.50

Needle and thread: $7.50

Can of sardines: $16.00

Bread: $2.00

One half pound of cheese: $3.00

One pound of beans: $10.00  

One pound of butter: $6.00

Two bottles of juice: $16.00

One shirt: $20.00

Gold mining pan: $15.00

One pickaxe: $50.00

Overalls: $45.00

One pound of sausage: $5.00

However, today’s prices average around 30 times more than those prices. Think about how much your everyday goods would cost!