The Gold Rush was a place where miners could make and lose a lot of money. There were many ways to earn money.

The most common technique for making money was mining. Mining was a common technique because the reason they

came to California was because of a gold strike. Miners used pans, long toms, cradles, hydraulic hoses, and coyote holes.

Some miners would get millions of dollars in their time mining, but most left California disappointed and broke.
Although mining was common, setting up shops and inns was also a very prosperous way to get money. It was extremely

successful for the fact that the supplies were limited, and shops had food, tools, and other things that miners needed to get

so they could make money. The miners needed supplies, and shop owners knew that. The shop owners raised the prices

because they knew the miners would still pay for the provisions. The prices were very high because the shop owners sold

almost all their supplies. They wanted to make a profit, and they had to pay for the supplies to be shipped there, which was

also very expensive.  So, they raised the prices. The California Gold Rush was merciless when it came to money.