Throughout the Gold Rush, the environment got destroyed.  Hydraulic mining was a big part of ruining the environment.

A pipe was placed on the ground that was connected to a water source.  The water came out at high speeds and destroyed

mountainsides.  The sediments that came off the mountain polluted rivers by piling up sediments and making the rivers

overflow.  This caused farmlands and towns to be washed out.

Miners needed food.  Sometimes they couldn’t afford it, so they bought guns.  With the guns, the miners went hunting.

Animals are part of the environment, so killing them lessens the supply.  Then, predators won’t have food to eat.  If

predators don’t have food then they will die, and their prey will be everywhere.

Miners also needed housing.  They chopped down trees because of this.  When the trees were taken down, animal's homes

were destroyed.  Mountainsides were destroyed and bleak instead of grassy and nice. The environment got ruined during

the gold rush.