The Gold Rush had good and bad benefits, and most of them were good for California. Some of the good benefits were

that the population increased rapidly and eventually, California became a state. This was good because California got a

government and real rules and laws were created.  All the people coming to California for the gold rush helped cities like

San Francisco and Sacramento gradually expand. Some of the bad benefits were that some of California’s rivers were

polluted due to non stop mining. Some types of mining like hydraulic mining destroyed cliffsides and washed out valleys.

Washing out farmlands was bad because the farmer’s farmed the crop and food there. Without food, people would starve.

The miners created a machine and called it hydraulic mining. Water was shot out of a long tube that destroyed

mountainsides. This method polluted rivers and destroyed natural cliff formations.

Due to all the people coming to California for the gold rush, people had to quickly set up homes and hotels. This proved to

be very difficult and many miners had to sleep in tents on their claims. But, some miners wanted to sleep on their claims

and protect them from being claim jumped. Since so many people were coming for the gold rush, a lot of shops, hotels, and

businesses were making money. This helped California’s economy because when people made money, others wanted to

start selling stuff too. This was a good thing for the people selling items because prices were very high and businesses were

making a reasonable amount of money. The gold rush was good for California and overall was very successful.