The Gold rush was an important event that had a huge impact on California history. Although there were many other gold rushes, the California one is referred to as “The Gold Rush.” It all started in 1848 when James Wilson Marshall found a pea-sized piece of gold in the tailrace of his sawmill.  Soon, the news of his discovery spread throughout California. A man named Sam Brannan also heard of this, and came to mine there.  He put his gold that he mined in a bottle and went to San Francisco. Once he was there, he waved his bottle of gold and said, "Gold, gold in the American River!" Soon, San Francisco was deserted because all the occupants went to mine in the American River. News of this reached the president, and he declared that these rumors were true. Soon people from all over the world came to mine in the Gold Rush.

Was the Gold Rush Good Or Bad For California?
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