Global Awareness

People from all around the world contributed to the California Gold Rush. Many different people came along with their many different cultures to make California a tradition rich area. The Gold Rush towns’ populations increased heavily. This resulted in minorities who were being misunderstood and treated unfairly because of their appearance, diverse languages and traditions.

Lots of people from different countries and states came to the California Gold Rush. People who looked different, and spoke a different language came, and those people were treated unfairly by the whites. The Native Americans were not fond of the miners because they polluted the rivers, scared away wildlife and were not protected by the miners’ system of justice. The Chilenoes, miners who came from South America and Mexico, were beaten, robbed and had to pay high taxes. They were allowed to stake a claim, but they were forced to leave any claim that was said to be rich. There were also German, Irish, French, and Italian people. These people came to California with its harsh conditions, because their native land had worse conditions. Chinese miners received the worst treatment out of all the minorities that came to the California Gold Rush. Chinese could not stake a new claim and could only mine where whites had already mined. They could also mine where no one else wanted to mine. They were beaten, run out of town and had their homes and businesses abolished. Because of racial prejudice, miners were hostile and cruel to people that spoke a different language, looked different and had different religious beliefs.

Many different people from around the world came to the California Gold Rush. The California Gold Rush was a very global event involving lots of people.