Was The California Gold Rush Good For

We think that the California Gold Rush had a good and bad impact on California for different reasons. We think the California Gold Rush had a good impact on California because San Francisco, which is in California, only had about five-hundred people and after the Gold Rush, it became a city and had thousands of people. The California Gold Rush helped populate many cities in California such as San Francisco.

We think the California Gold Rush was bad for California too. Miners polluted the land.  It was also bad because men were the only people that came to California for the Gold Rush. Women were rare, and it was hard to create a new generation. Some say that the California Gold Rush was bad because of “the overpopulation” of many cities. The California Gold Rush led to a very important event, California’s statehood. After the constitutional convention, that was written because of the California Gold Rush, California became a state. California had to become a state because people were dying and getting severely injured without proper laws and government. The people in California appreciated that there were now laws. 

The Gold Rush had good and bad impacts on California.