The California Gold Rush was bad for California. It was bad because the miners polluted the environment. The miners polluted the environment by throwing garbage in the rivers. They washed off the mountainsides when they were hydraulic mining. The California Gold Rush was also bad for California because miners died. An example is when miners got hung and died. Miners sometimes got angry at each other so they shot at each other,  and then one miner was killed or both were. Miners could also die when they were lode mining. This could kill them. When they blew the explosives they could get trapped in the mine that was underground. Miners could die when there was a fire, and they got stuck in their own tent of fire.

Some of the death issues were solved when California became a state. Bennett Riley was the last military governor of California. He arranged for the constitutional convention to be held starting on September 1, 1849. California made its own laws such as if a woman owned land and married a man, the land could remain hers. This benefitted women because if they wanted the land to do something on it they could, and her husband couldn’t argue. The land might have been family owned before, so she could do anything independently. On September 9, 1850, California became a state. From that day on, not as many deaths occured. There are a lot of things that make the California Gold Rush bad for California except for when California became a state.

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