There were lots of means for successful business in the gold rush. Even a woman could be successful in the gold rush! A woman sold home-made pies to miners and got rich! Some stores had more supplies than others, so at one store, something would be more expensive than the other. At some stores, a single egg would be $3 and a barrel of flour would be $800. About 2 spools of thread would be $7, and pickaxes would be $50. Provisions were sold at costs that were very high. Prices for provisions were high since it took a lot of time and money to ship goods to California. Another reason is that some shops had a scarce supply of something, so the stores would raise the price. Shops were set up throughout California, and they usually sold things like food or supplies. Mercantiles usually sold supplies like thread, wick, string, and buttons. Mercantiles also might’ve sold calico, muslin, gingham, and maybe cold sarsaparilla. Although mercantiles specialized in supplies, they sold food too. Sugar could be found at mercantiles as well. Some men who went to California would find business there, and it worked out for most.

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