Environmental Literacy

 The California Gold Rush had a large impact on the environment. One of the mining techniques that harmed the environment was hydraulic mining. To hydraulic mine, a miner would need to use a pressurized pipe to spray water onto the cliffside. The pipe was pressurized so much that the water destroyed the environment around the sprays' end while washing out the gold from the mountains. The powerful sprays caused floods, and farmers got upset because the miners were flooding their crops. This was not fair because the farmers were the ones providing food for the miners. Another harmful mining technique is coyote mining. Coyote mining happens when a group of three to five miners dig a hole until it reaches bedrock. Next, one of the miners gets sent down to dig outward from the bottom. All of the dirt that was dug up gets sent to the top in a bucket. Last, the miners at the top mine the dirt with a long tom, cradle, or gold pan. In the end, the miners might find gold. When the miners abandoned the coyote holes, the animals in the area could find them and fall down. This can also happen to miners if they’re not paying attention or if it is dark out.  Many mining techniques were very harmful to the environment.

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