Was The Gold Rush Good or Bad?

The gold rush was very beneficial for California, despite the fact that it destroyed the environment, it caused California to skip being a territory and immediately become a state. California's gold rush had attracted many people dreaming of wealth.  Mining towns soon had permanent housing, and soon, they became whole cities. The populations rose so much, that California had to skip being a territory. After the constitution was written, it was accepted and California became a state. Without it, our state probably wouldn't have even become a state. Before the gold rush, the populations in California were tiny. It was 2000 non-natives, then to 15,000 non-natives in 1849! Hydraulic mining ruined nature. It tore into mountains and hills, creating a huge impact on the environment. Rivers overflowed because sediments were piling up at the bottom, and the water level rose causing the rivers to flood. The sediments had tumbled down the mountain from the hydraulic blast and into the rivers. Many plants growing on mountains died, and the animals that lived in them died too. The blast of water left permanent scars on the mountains. They had holes in them and small pieces of land were separated from the mountain. California's gold rush was very beneficial for itself, but the impact it had on the environment was horrible.

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