There were many ways to make or lose money in the Gold Rush which could boost or lower the economy. A lot of people  lost money in the gambling halls where some came out rich and others came out poor. People could also become rich if they were a merchant. Prices were very high which could make the merchants who sold goods rich.  This boosted the economy. A barrel of flour was $800! Also, a pair boots was $100. One pound of coffee or jamoka was $40. Bread was $2.00 a loaf. One pound of sausage was $5.00. A mule was $65.00. This contributed to lots of merchants being rich.
Prices in the Gold Rush went up and down as there were more or less supplies. This happened because it is expensive to ship goods. So, as shipping prices went up and down, prices in the Gold Rush went up and down.                                                                
Making or losing money in an instant plus high prices was common in the Gold Rush.

Gold Rush

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