The Gold Rush made huge changes to the environment. A change that the Gold Rush had on the environment was caused by hydraulic mining. Hydraulic mining can pollute the rivers from mountains being destroyed.  Mountains can be destroyed because of the force of the water shooting out from the cannons. Now that the mountains are destroyed, the sediments will fall down into the river and pollute it. Therefore the environment is destroyed because of the destruction of the mountain, and the pollution of the river caused by the broken sediments from the mountain.

Coyote mining can have a huge impact on the environment too. Coyote mining is where a  miner from a group of miners digs a hole while collecting gold until that miner hits bedrock. Once that miner hits bedrock, he would dig to the sides trying to collect as much gold as possible. The impact this made was that the mines left holes everywhere that made the environment ugly and unsafe.
There was  also pollution. Lots of the pollution in the gold rush was from mercury that was used to extract gold from quartz. The mercury would leak into the ground and end up getting washed into the river killing lots of the organisims that depend on the river.

Also, lots of towns were being made. Therefore, the miners and people who were living in the towns  had to cut down trees, gather rocks, and sand to build their homes, hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, and parlors. When the people did this, it created more chances for the land to erode.
There were many disasters in the Gold Rush that caused the environment to change.



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