The California Gold Rush was a  global event. The reason the Gold Rush was a global event was because many cultures from around the world heard word about it, and many people started joining the Gold Rush. Some of these cultures  joined for a better life than they had in their country, but they got the exact opposite. The cultures who did this got terrible treatment.

Some of the main cultures were the Americans and the Chinese. The Chinese were treated the worst in the Gold Rush.  They were only able to mine where other miners didn’t want to mine and at abandoned mines. The Chinese  were also beaten, run out of town, and robbed. Both cultures were treated very differently.
The Americans were treated very differently. They were treated with the most respect, and they could mine wherever they wanted because of their skin color and their language.

There were also many other cultures in the Gold Rush. Most of these cultures didn’t have a role as great as the Americans. They spoke in a different way and were partly discriminated against which led to a lower role. The cultures that were partly discriminated against were Germans, Indians, Italians, Irish, and  Hawaiians. These cultures were treated like citizens are treated today in California because they weren’t fully discriminated against like other cultures.
Many cultures and religions made the Gold Rush a global event.
Economics of the Gold Rush

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