The gold rush had many good and bad situations with  good impacts on the United States. A good impact the gold rush had was it sparked westward expansion. This made more than just California a state, but allowed America to fulfill Manifest Destiny. Another positive impact was the population rise caused cities to be made letting California become the most populated state, but the downside was there were murders every day. With this happening the area needed law and a police and fire department, and without being a territory first, California became a state. A great impact the gold rush had was that the East needed to ship goods and mail to the west. This caused a need for greater transportation. One of the transportation methods was the Pony Express. The Pony Express was a mail company. One transportation method that changed the way people traveled forever was the Transcontinental Railroad. These are just a few of the companies created due to the California Gold Rush. The Gold Rush created a good impact for not just California, but the world.