Law and order in the Gold Rush was terrible. Miners had to create their own government. Miners had multiple governments, one for each camp. The reason why their government was terrible though, was because it was not official, and other miners decided to do whatever they thought was the best option. Another big problem about miner law was that the law was different in every camp so as a miner traveled from camp to camp, he could end up breaking one of the laws, and could end up dead.

The government for mining camps was democratic. A meeting would usually start with a miner stating his case. From there the other miners of the camp would then decide a reasonable solution and state it to the camp justice. The camp justice would then decide to put the decision to action or not. If the decision was not put to action the miners would go back to mining. Sometimes miners would get into a fight and start shooting at each other, and one can kill the other, but if that miner got caught the punishment would be severe.

The miners of the Gold Rush had terrible law and order until California became a state, and there was a government for the new state. 

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