Excessive expenses ravaged the Gold Rush. Men left their homes and business of earning $4-$8 a day to the California Gold Fields. In the gold fields, many essential tools were sold at high prices, so the business people could earn the most money to level out the prices to ship it to the store. The prices to ship goods were high because there was significant demand for the goods and there was not an abundant amount of goods. To add the high shipping cost, California was hard to reach so the shipping cost would go even higher. Many essentials were rare in the Gold Rush so miners had to pay high prices for them. The businessmen would have to raise the prices high to break even, and they would have to raise the prices even higher to make a profit. A barrel of flour was $800. The price of a pound of pork was about $1.00. Mules were $65.00-$100.00, and it would be about $30.00 for a canvas tent. Even doing the laundry was expensive. It was less expensive to send the laundry to China than to do it in San Francisco unless there was a typhoon. The Chinese offered a cheaper deal shipping it to China than washing it in San Francisco. Taking a bath was a horrendous amount of money. It depended on how close the miner was to a water source and whether it rained a lot the past year. If it rained a lot the past year, the prices would be low, and if Sacramento was in a drought the prices of baths were high.

In terms of the measure of money, the amount miners acquired differed. Miners could gamble and lose or gain money by losing the bet or winning the bet. Similarly, miners could also lose money by paying high prices and not finding gold to even the price out.

Miners found small and big amounts of gold. Like, in Rich Bar, four men in one day found $50,000 worth of gold. Also, in 1854, the Calaveras Nugget was found. It weighed 162 pounds and was worth $43,534. The California gold fields were called the Mother Lode. It produced more than $250,000,000.00 worth of gold. When people found more gold they could buy more goods from the businessmen, and they would make more money. Then they could supply more goods, and the town could become a city. The town became a city because the economy grew at a fast pace and all the people could be better accommodated. Accordingly, the towns upgraded to cities. Though, the California gold fields produced a significant money, many of the miners lost more money than they gained by having to buy essential items at high prices. Alternatively, miners struck it rich on big bonanzas and gold veins. The California Gold Rush had times of great wealth for some people and depression on others.

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