Many cultures came to the California Gold Rush to mine for gold to become rich. People were looking for a better life. Some of the ethnic groups included Americans, Chinese, French, and even Irish. The different cultures came because their country had bad conditions. The Irish in particular had a lack of food, so they wanted to get to a better country. The Chinese were poorly treated. They were beaten, run out of town, and their businesses and homes were destroyed.  The Chinese could only mine where other Americans had previously mined. The Chinese were treated the worst out of all the ethnic groups.  The Chilenos, South Americans and Mexicans, were beaten, robbed, and had to pay high taxes. They could not mine in places that proved to be rich. The people who couldn’t speak English were unjustly dealt punishment. The people couldn’t defend themselves so the judges often said they were guilty. The Chinese couldn’t defend themselves against a white miner, so they would get punished with no evidence that they did something wrong. Many Chinese and Chilenos got unjustly hung. Racial prejudice towards non-English speaking people and non-white people was a big part of the California Gold Rush. Oodles of people came to the California Gold Rush from many countries with different cultures.