The California Gold Rush had a big impact on the state. The repercussions were good and bad. This multiple sided event had a permanent influence on California. There are several good facets to the California Gold Rush. The gold rush helped the area go into statehood for the raise in population. When gold was discovered, people flocked to get rich. The population rose and people wanted laws. To get laws the miners and other people elected representatives to go to the constitutional convention. The gold rush also helped California become a free state. The delegates at the constitutional convention felt if the miners with slaves worked their slaves for gold, they would have an unfair advantage of becoming rich. Then they would become rich. That miner, with the slaves, would dominate over the other miners like a bad ruler. Then they would get more slaves and more money. The Gold Rush had a good impact on the cities and towns because more people would come and the towns would get bigger. Once the town was over packed with people, more money would be coming in. Then the town would upgrade into a city.

The California Gold Rush also had a bad impact on California. It affected the indigenousness people and the environment. The gold rush destroyed native plants, ran the Native Californians out of their homes, and polluted the streams. It killed the plants by burying the plants with sediments from their diggings. The Native Californians’ trees and resources were used for firewood, reinforcements and tools. In summary, the gold rush had a  colossal impact on California in positive and negative ways.



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