After studying the California Gold Rush, the fourth graders of room 15 set to work to examine the event through multiple perspectives. During our study, the students took part in a simulation to learn about California's gold rush. The class was divided into eight mining teams. When the simulation ended, each team explained the gold rush from the perspectives of the 21st Century Literacy themes. The students looked at the gold rush in terms of civic literacy, environmental literacy business and entrepreneurial literacy and global awareness. Additionally, the teams needed to decide if the Gold Rush was good for California or not.

When the research had been completed, the teams set to creating a website that would explain each perspective. The students wrote their pieces, found graphics to accentuate their work and designed their websites as a team. They wrote an introduction and linked all their pages themselves.

Click on the following links to learn about the many perspectives of the California Gold Rush from the perspectives of the fourth graders who studied the phenomenon. Each link leads to the work from one of the eight gold rush teams in our classroom. We hope you learn something about the California Gold Rush.

By Grabs Let's Get Some Gold
Dawner Miners
Gold Diggers
Golden Monopoly
Pickaxe Partners
San Francisco Gold Hunters
The Gold Nuggeteers
The Gold Thieves

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