In Room 15 conserving the environment is a huge part of our goal to make our mark on the world. A big part of conservation is protecting our oceans and the life that it holds. But throughout humankind we have become dominant and taken the environment for granted. On one of our field trips, we went to Westminster Woods. This field trip gave us a new perspective on how important nature really was, and we wanted to improve how it was being treated. On the last day of our field trip we were able to choose a wish and a promise about what changes we would make in nature when we got back to our school; we couldn’t break those wishes. Our main wish was to help protect the oceans in any way we could. That is why we are making this stand. Our group decided that helping save the oceans was very important. Since our oceans are being destroyed piece by piece, our group will try to help our oceans in any way that we can. Oceans are a huge part of the way humans live, and we must protect it because it helps protect us.

Plastic in the Ocean


Oceans are an enormous part of how we breathe and eat. But there is plastic and trash that is constantly put into the ocean. An estimated 299 million tons of plastic was made in 2013. Plastic debris kills about 100,000 marine mammals a day. Marine mammals think that the plastic is food, and they eat it. Plastic doesn’t break down so it can kill the animal by causing blockages in their digestive systems. The plastic sits in the ocean and over time even the small pieces of plastic accumulate to a giant hazard for the marine life. About 1.5 million pounds of garbage is put into the ocean each hour; this is mostly made up of plastic. By 2050, it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. Humans have produced more than 8.3 billion tons of plastic since it has been invented.

This impact is huge on the earth, so imagine how big it will be in the long term! The world is made up of 74% of water. If this keeps happening the 74% of water on earth will be ruined, basically changing the life of marine animals on earth. If we harm species in the oceans we harm the entire marine food chain.

Marine animals have amazing adaptations that humans can’t understand. If plastic keeps being put into the oceans this advanced way of life will never be understood. We won’t be able to benefit from these extraordinary oceans if we keep hurting them. Humans have gone out to the moon and into outer space but we haven’t fully explored the deep and unknown oceans. Destroying the unknown is like destroying an entire learning experience that could change the entire perspective on how the world works. If we can save the oceans we can help a lot of problems that are happening on earth. This is not only an environmental problem, it’s a political problem; fixing this could save so many lives. Life is not a long time so it’s precious. Saving lives is saving more than one person. A huge impact could be made by keeping plastic out of the oceans.

What can you do to help:

To help the oceans in your everyday life this is what you can do…

~ Recycle your plastic bottles that aren’t needed anymore

~ Don’t use plastic straws, use rubber, paper, or metal straws

~ Reuse as much as possible and DO NOT WASTE!

~ Spread the word and if you see someone endangering the oceans show them this website or tell them yourself

~ Take responsibility for your earth in order to help future generations

~ Use paper or reusable bags instead of plastic ones when you go to the store

~ Think about your actions in your day to day life before you do them

~ Use reusable water bottles

~ DO NOT use plastic balloons

~ If you go fishing, DO NOT leave nets or fishing lines in the water

~ If you see plastic in the water or along the beach, pick it up and put it in the trash can don’t walk away and leave it there.

Oil spills in the Ocean

The spilling of oil in the oceans causes a lot of difficulty in the oceans’ cleanliness. When ships that have oil tip or crash in the big waves in the ocean, the oil spills into the ocean. Oil also gets into the ocean when pipes get holes in them, and the oil spills out. It spreads out to a large part of the ocean and pollutes the area. But sometimes when countries are at war, one may decide to dump gallons of oil into the other country's oceans. About 1.3 million gallons of oil are spilled into the ocean each year. Some of the oil spills are from wars and some are just accidental.
Oil spilling into the ocean is just another way to harm the ocean and its life. Humans are on the highest level of the food chain. This means they do not have any limiting factors to stop the population from growing. As the population has grown the need for more supplies has also grown. People use oil for chemicals and cooking. Oil is one of the bigger supplies that is needed in the average human life. Our reliance on resources such as oil has become bigger and so has the oil spills. The more oil that humans use, the bigger chance for an accidental or serious oil spill.

If oil spills keep happening, our oceans could be gone. Oil spills make the life of the marine mammals even harder than they already are. In the life of a marine mammal there is constant competition with predators trying to kill and prey trying to live. With the oil spills, predators have to work to live in the oil and still get enough food to survive. With the prey they have to stay away from the predators, get their own food, and survive the oil. Depending on how much the oil gets on the animal, the harder it is for the animals to get the oil off of their fur or feathers. We have amazing life in the oceans, and if the oil spills keep going on as they are, the amazing species that we have may be gone. As humans we can help by keeping a close watch on where our oil goes. The animals were here before we were and now we are playing with fire. By dumping oil into the oceans, we are putting our species in danger. What goes around comes around; we are affecting the animals, and it will come back to haunt us if we don’t fix it fast.

What you can do to help:
To have less oil spills this is what you can do…

~ Send letters or speak to state representatives that can use their power to stop the oil

~ Vote for people that care about the environment and are willing to help the ocean

~ If you can’t do any of that just do smaller things like clean up oil after you put it in your car

~ Make sure to spread the word about oil spills and show people this website

You can make a huge impact in what you do every day! In the tiny things you do, if everyone does it, the world can be a better place!

~Sofia, Alejandro, Eli, Nari, Jinjoo, Nassali

Oil Spills affect the marine animals

These animals are covered in oil.

Plastic in the Oceans


Animals that are stuck in plastic;with plastic in their home.


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