In 1982, I embarked on a career that lasted until the final day of distance learning in the spring of 2020. In all those years I figured out so many ideas that would help children learn only to discover, years later, no, that won’t work. The reason for that phenomenon is that times changed. What I did in the 1980s in the beginning of my career would be woefully inadequate as I moved through the final phase of my career. It’s called the evolution of teaching. That is what this website is about: one man’s evolution in his teaching career.

Posted here will be a series of articles outlining my thoughts about education. As I continue to reflect over my career, more topics will be posted. The ride was incredible, and I was fortuitous to have worked in great schools with great families and amazing children. I was lucky to be nominated for multiple awards over the course of my time, and I even won a couple. However, in education, winning an award means nothing. Winning the reward of seeing students achieve what they didn’t know they could is the essence of education. Having children excited about learning and yearning to satisfy their curiosity by pursuing ideas and experiences is the award of teaching. I am fortunate that my students did those things. This is the story of how.

Students should create information for others to learn and enjoy.

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