The last day of the 2017-2018 school year was a fun one! The students began the day with an innovation project, and they ended the day with a fun end of the year celebration.  The class watched a snip from The History Channel's Men Who Built America. They saw how Andrew Carnegie needed to innovate to solve a problem involving the first bridge for trains across the Mississippi River. Following that, the students took part in the marshmallow challenge. Their task was to build the tallest tower they could using a yard of tape, a yard of string, twenty pieces of spaghetti and one marshmallow. The marshmallow had to sit atop the tower. The students created their own groups and had 25 minutes to build the tower.

Following the building of the towers, the students were put into teams based on the color of a Jolly Rancher that was drawn from a bad. They then got to go outside to take part in five team building games. After each game, the students received a snack. It was a great way to end the year. Once the games were over, the fourth graders went inside to have pizza, popsicles and cupcakes. Thank you to Mrs. Winn for organizing the amazing party and the incredible group of parents who helped make it happen. You all delivered a very fun day to the fourth graders.