This is a class picture of us at camp Monte Toyon. These poems are about the experience that I had and I hope you enjoy.

Thank You!

The tall coastal redwood
he brittle branches cracking under my feet
Its calm to be walking through the forest
I appreciate the fresh air the redwoods made for us
The rough bark on the tree that provides  protection

Banana Slug,
Slimy, slippery, slow
Banana Slug

Dark, messy, dirty


Small, colorless, short

Albino redwood

Bright, large
Shining, shimmering, appearing
The moon brightens the trail that we are walking on

Tide pool

Wonderous, wonderful

Waving, pushing, crashing
Crustaceans crawl up the sides

The five legged starfish
The swell
high tide hitting the sea star
The suction of the sea star grab my arm hair

The pure salty smell of the sea near us

The rugged bumps on the face of the sea star


Soft, fast

Climbing, swimming, crawling

While the crab was crawling it pinched me


The bugs taking shelter under rocks, fish swimming

The water current around me

The rocks and the scratchy tan oak bark

The fresh air the trees provide us with

The rocks are smooth and wet