Water flow smoothly towards me

Gurgles in the water as it passes rocks

A soft curent on my body

Water as salty as pure salt

Flowing, carving, winding, refreshing, strong, powerful, plentiful

Fast, gentle
Running, moving, slowing
Much is found in the world

Like a blanket covering the rocks as the tide came in

Like a rocky alien landscape when the tide left

Like a cool refreshment on a warm day

Like a cozy bed for the creatures within the tide pools

Like a foggy glass window revealing many animals

Like a transparent mirror reflecting sunlight away from the sun

Like a deep dark cavern wanting to suck me in

Like a good friend you don't want to leave


Like the vast emptiness of space or an empty cavern with nothing in it

Like an ice demon trying to freeze me at night

Like a hot  oven on my face in it at the middle of a hot day on a hike

Like a bee buzzing in my ear during a strong breeze

Like a cool fan to keep me from overheating

Like a mini tornado blowing away everything small in its path

Like a feather tickling the giant redwoods

Like a gentle cheer urging me to keep going

A solid floor beneath me

and a hard surface for my knee.

A thing to move around on
and an open habitat almost gone

A stone carved out of every time
and telling a story with every line

A moving object, never still
and always changing from warmth to chills

A power unmatched and strong
and does to us neither right nor wrong


this is me