Our class went to Camp Monte Toyon in March of 2020. The cabins were awfully small, but seeing the redwoods and eating the food made staying there worth it. The amphitheater was a place where people would sing, and sometimes we would go on long and exhausting hikes. We saw a wide variety of diverse life. Overall, Camp Monte Toyon might have been the best camp I have ever been to. When I got back, I got to write poetry about and this is the poetry.



Towering, majestic, colossal



Narrow, cramped, compressed, concentrated,


cozy, appropriate



Sizable, gemtlich

Melodizing, cooling, calming

People singing happily



Exhausting, perspirative

Famishing, exacting, painstaking

Grievance, hardship, cuisine, delectability

Appetizing, appealing, tempting

Delicious, palatable


Banana Slug

A banana slug trailing in front of me on the ground of the redwood forest

The soft, flowing sound being music to my ears

The soft winter air battering against my cheek

The fresh, crisp air, satisfying to inhale as it travels through my nose

The sharp, prickly redwood duff stinging my distressed hands

Car Ride

Like a moderately, mildly fast roller coaster uplifting at a bump

Like a tiny, narrow dentist waiting room, with people waiting for their name to be called

Like being in a taxi, waiting to arrive at a certain destination told to the driver

Like being in the second story of a double decker bus, watching the world pass by

Like an airplane, only being entertained by things brought onboard

Tide Pools

The tide pools, filled with diverse sea life of any size

The ocean waves crashing against the shores

Slippery algae on the rocks and footholds

The crisp, satisfying aroma of fresh, sea air

The water in the tide pools, filled with many species of sea life


Intensive, extreme, energetic


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