My class and I went to Monte Toyon. We hiked,  had a campfire, went to
tidepools, stayed in cabins, went to a creek, and had astronomy night.
When we came back we wrote this poetry. Hope you like it.

Astronomy Night

No star but a moon

Laughing all around 

The cool wind

A hint of dinner 

 The grass on my back

Tide Pools

So many sea creatures

The waves hit the mussels at the shore

Mist hitting my face

The crisp salty air 

Sea anemones to see them react

A Redwood


Enormous, incredible, resilient




Long, beautiful

 Interesting, tiring, fulfilling

Very worth it


Banana Slug

Banana Slug

Slimy, slow, yellow

Banana Slug

Albino redwood

Albino redwood

Gray, small, rare 

Albino redwood



Hot, colorful

Warming, crackling, blazing

Sparks fly through the air


Along the creek

 Redwood sorrel all around me

The creek flowing past softly

Comfort of the soothing forest

The fresh air that is dusty, too

The tender bark as I sit here

Ocean or Classroom


Peaceful, vast

Calming, amazing, quieting 

Waves, salt, study, teacher

Learning, reading, talking

Loud, busy