My class and I went to Camp Monte Toyon and I wrote some poems about my time there.



Kind, caring, funny

Banana slug
Slimy, yellow, slow, decomposer, little, wet
Banana slug


Wet, cold

Trickling, flowing, moving
Flow into streams


Tall, majestic
Stretching, reaching, growing
Red, needles, sea animals, saltwater
Learn, explore, careful
Tide pools

The plants and animals of the forest

The sounds of the birds flying overhead
The cool breeze blowing the leaves off the trees
The earthy smells of soil beneath my feet
Tree stumps that I climb to get a better view of the beauty surrounding me

Dark, black, endless, shadowy, quiet, cold, creepy

Like a breath of fresh air
Like an extra long recess
Like a path leading to an exciting adventure
Like feeling freedom after being stuck inside all day
Like a whole new world waiting to be discovered
Like learning about a new place
Like reading a good book except actually living in it

The waves crashing on the shore
  The sound of the water as it hits the rocks
The soft sand between my toes
The salty ocean air
A piece of driftwood that I throw into the water

I hope you liked my poems!